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In this document, the words "Company" means the legal person of ADA Aerospace LLC, the legal address: Russia, Moscow, Skolkovo, Bolshoy Bulvar 42s1. The words "Site" means the Internet resource and all of it's subdomains (like a http://*

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This Site may contain information about third-party sites.The transition to any other Internet resource associated with this Site is at the user's own risk and risk, the Company is not responsible for the accuracy of information, data, views, advice or statements made on these sites.The company provides links to other sites for the convenience of the user, but this does not mean that the Company approves the content of these sites or is responsible for them.

The company reserves the right to change the materials published on the site at any time without prior notice.The reference to products and services of third parties is made for information purposes and does not imply that the Company supports or recommends them.

Links to other (external) sites are posted on this Site for free.The information from these sites is not a continuation or addition of the Company's materials.


Trademarks, signs, logos, service marks, etc. hereinafter referred to as "Trademarks" placed on this Site are the property of the Company and third parties .The information published on the Site does not grant any license to use any Trademarks or Rights without the prior written consent of the owner or copyright holder The name "ADA Aerospace" is a registered trademark owned by ADA Aerospace LLC.

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The Company hereby grants you the right to copy the materials published on this Site solely for non-commercial purposes.The information can not be used for other purposes.Therefore, by copying any materials of the Site, you agree that you retain all copyrights and relevant except for the foregoing, all other actions will be construed as indirect, willful or any other assignment of a license or rights to a patent, trademark or the attribution of the Company's copyrights or to third parties.

Disclosure of Information

Information that the Company is required to disclose in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation Copies of documents to be provided to interested parties in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation are provided to such persons at their written request at the issuer's location: Russian Federation, Moscow , Skolkovo, Bolshoy Boulevard, 42k1, for a fee not exceeding the cost of making such copies, within a period of no more than 14 days from the time of the presentation of the relevant requirement tions.


All information on the Site is protected by copyright law.Except for the foregoing, this information can not be reproduced in any form, by any means without the prior written permission of the Company, users and users are not permitted to modify, distribute, or commercial purposes.

Licensing rights

The information published on our Site can not be interpreted as granting license rights to intellectual property belonging to the Company or to third parties.

Content of materials

The Company takes all reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the information posted on this Site, but its accuracy and completeness can not be guaranteed.The Company reserves the right to modify the content of this Site at any time at its own discretion Products or services not directly related to the Company are for information purposes only.The entire information about the Company and third parties on this Site is provided in the form in which it exists Company.


This official notice posted in addition to other legal notice and disclaimer contained on this site, or incorporation into the premises ON THIS SITE DOCUMENT COMPANY RESERVES THE RIGHT TO MAKE ANY CHANGES TO THIS TEXT without notice users of the website.


Some of the materials on this Site are predictive in nature and content and thus carry significant risks and uncertainties.The visitor of the Site should bear in mind that such forecasts are provisional and the actual events and circumstances may differ significantly from them as a result of various factors, including, including: dependence on suppliers in the introduction and promotion of new products, price competition, competition from existing and new players p NCA or specialized vendors, changes in economic policy, legislation and regulatory framework, changes in exchange rates or market conditions, inability to attract investment or loans on reasonable terms.

In any event, in connection with the possibility / impossibility of using the resources of this Site, as well as in connection with the use of materials and documents posted on the Site by third parties (including information the occurrence of which occurred on the Site was not at the initiative of the Company), the Company does not is liable for any direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, in particular, damage from lost profits, loss of profitability, increased costs, loss of information, etc.


What information does the Company collect? We keep identifiable information coming from you in many ways, including data provided when registering on the Site, participating in contests and other interactions with the Site or the Company.This data may include, for example: name, name, e-mail address, etc. At the time of collecting the information, we notify you under what circumstances your data can be saved by the Company before they are removed from our databases. At your request, information at any time may be Information about the visitors of the Site (IP address, domain name, browser type, operating system, date and time of visit, etc.) is collected and stored in order to maintain visitor statistics. This information is publicly available, thus the Company does not bear responsibility for its disclosure.

What do we do with the information we received?

These data can be used for marketing purposes, to inform you of your victory in the competition and the prizes you won, to send you news and information about the Company's promotions, news and services, and personalize the Site based on your search history and views.

At the time of registration, you will be asked to choose whether you want to receive such information.With your consent to receive certain types of mailings, the following intervals for their receipt are established: - "Company News" - not more than twice a week; - "News about charges" - not more often than once in two weeks; - "Novelties of the Company" - no more than once a week; - "Company Shares" - not more often than once a week; - "Tariffs of the Company" - no more than once a week; - "Other information" - no more than once a day.

The data obtained in an impersonal form can be used to better understand the needs of the Company's customers and improve the quality of service.

Your consent to receive newsletters from the Company is voluntary, and you can change your choice at any time or refuse to continue to receive the above information.

How can I cancel or change your information?

If you register with us, you will receive by e-mail either confirmation of your registration or a request to confirm it. You can at any time ask us to change or cancel your personal data in some or all of our mailing lists. enter the Personal Cabinet to mark the news that you do not want to receive.We will send you electronic and text messages only if you give us your consent .If there is any difficulty in changing or canceled tion of personal data, you can contact technical support via e-mail

In addition, you can also unsubscribe to emails in one click, simply by following the link at the end of each newsletter from the Company.

The Effect of Legislation

Support for this Site is provided from the Company's office located in Moscow, Russian Federation All matters relating to users' access to the site and use of the information placed on it are regulated by the current legislation of the Russian Federation. be examined in a court of competent jurisdiction, namely, in the Moscow City Arbitration Court.

Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

ADA Aerospace LLC (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") undertakes to protect your personal data. Please read this Privacy Policy (the "Policy").

The policy defines the conditions and objectives for the collection, storage, protection, processing and dissemination of information about users of the resource (hereinafter referred to as the "Site").

Getting and using personal information

Users of the Site using the Site agree to use the Site for their IP address, cookie and geolocation data for marketing and statistical purposes from the time of using the Site and reviewing these Rules, in the event of disagreement with this provision, Users must leave the Site.

Users of the Site provide the Company with their personal data, including the first and last name, as well as their contact details and the full and unconditional consent of the Company to the processing by the Company (including collecting, organizing, accumulating, clarification (updating, modification), use, distribution (including transfer), depersonalization, blocking, destruction of personal data, perpetual storage) of the above data in electronic form and / or on paper for the purpose mailing of invitations to official events, newsletters, informing about new products of the Company and other information, including advertising, via mail or e-mail.

The date of issue of written consent for the processing of the user's personal data, expressed in the sending of the questionnaire, feedback form via electronic communication or visiting the Site, is the date of acquaintance with this Policy or the date of the Site visit.

The consent specified in this clause is valid for an unlimited period of time and can be revoked by the user by written notification sent to the Company by registered mail or by e-mail below.

To clarify, revoke consent to processing, blocking or destroying personal data, the User must send a written notification to the Company: Russia, 143026, Moscow, Bolshoy Bulvar 42s1 by registered mail or by e-mail to

Disclosure of Information Received to Third Parties

The company has the right to transfer personal information about the user to third parties in the event that:

- the user himself expressed the desire to disclose this information;

- without this the user can not use a certain product or service;

- this is required by Russian, international legislation and / or authorities with due process;

- the user violates the user agreement with the Site.

Access to personal information

In accordance with Federal Law No. 152-FZ of the Russian Federation "On Personal Data" all collected, stored and processed information about users is considered to be information of limited access, unless otherwise provided by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

The Company assumes the obligation to maintain the confidentiality of the user's personal data.The Company undertakes to take all reasonable measures to protect the personal information of users from destruction, distortion or disclosure.

The user has the right to independently make changes / additions through his profile on the Sites

Site content

Using the materials of the site

For commercial use, conclusion of a contract and payment, you can contact us by e-mail: or by phone: + 7 495 142 00 84 .

1. General Provisions

1.1 Any use of the materials of the site (hereinafter referred to as the "Site") is allowed only with the permission of the publisher and rightholder - ADA Aerospace LLC (the "Company"). content, including stylistics of design and design elements, images, video images, texts of articles or their fragments and any other data posted on the Site ("Materials") with the Company's permission.

Use means any reproduction, distribution, distribution of content to the public, translation and other processing of Materials and other means of use provided for by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

1.2 Use of the Site materials in violation of any of the conditions of these Rules means that the content is used without the permission of the Company, which is a violation of the Company's exclusive rights and may entail liability provided by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

1.3 This Regulation applies to news agencies, users of the electronic version of the Site, official Internet sites of the companies, thematic Internet sites and Internet media, weekly newspapers, monthly and other printed publications, newspapers, magazines, individuals and other users. (the "Users").

2. Free use

2.1 Any User is free to:

- to compile a digest of any number of Site Materials in media reviews in the form of brief annotations, to the extent justified by the purpose of creating a digest (press review). Such use excludes the possibility of using the Site Materials from any section in full volume;

- to quote free of charge any number of Site Materials in an amount justified by the purpose of quoting. Such quotation should contain a reference to the source in the order established in paragraph 5.1.1. of this Regulation.

2.2 The Company grants the right to reproduce and distribute the Website Materials free of charge to the Users indicated below in compliance with clause 5 of these Rules on the following terms and in the amounts: physical and legal persons mentioned in the materials of the Site are free to reprint, broadcast or cable, bring to the public information Materials containing such references to them.

3. Commercial use

3.1 In order to use the Site Materials in ways and volumes that do not fall under the conditions specified in clause 2, users should obtain a formal written permission from the Company or enter into an agreement with the Company. or by phone: +7 495 142 00 84.

4. Restriction of free use

These Rules are prohibited without payment of the rights to use:

4.1 Transfer and reproduction of any Site Materials in other ways and in other cases than those specified in Paragraph 2 of these Rules, including by e-mail, RSS or SMS-mailing, on forums, on other Internet sites, corporate and other non-public nodes.

4.2 Creating interactive databases.

4.3 Any commercial use of the Materials, including their reproduction for the purpose of commercializing the right of access to these Materials or the transfer of rights to such use to third parties.

4.4 Use of Materials in ways and volumes not expressly authorized by these Rules, as well as non-compliance with the requirements of clause 5 of these Rules.

5. Duties of each User when publishing Materials from the Site

When publishing Materials from the Site, each User is obliged to observe the following rules:

5.1 Make references to the source of the Site Materials.

5.1.1 When quoting materials in printed form, it is necessary to indicate not only the name of the Site in the form of "ADA Aerospace", but also the address the materials are cited in the Internet, the reference to the source should contain an indication of the Site Materials and to be a hyperlink to and the path to the content used.

5.1.2 When a fragment of an article is played in the press digest, the User must indicate the author's name, source and date of publication.

5.1.3 When reproducing Materials in a printed publication, radio, television, or video program, the User is obliged to indicate the author's name, source and date of publication.

5.1.4 When playing on the Internet, the User is required, in addition to complying with the requirements of 5.1.1-5.1.3, to provide a hyperlink to the This hyperlink must be located at the beginning, in the text or immediately after the reproduced material.

5.2 Observe the accuracy of the material.

5.2.1 Any reproduction of the Materials shall not allow the processing of their original text, but the reduction or rearrangement of parts of the material is permissible, but only to the extent that this does not lead to a distortion of its meaning.

5.2.2 The responsibility for distorting the meaning of the Materials arising from their inaccurate reproduction lies with the User.

6. These Rules are not a contract

The Company, as the owner of the Site and the Materials placed on it, may at any time change any point of these Rules without notifying the Users.

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