«ADA Aerospace» is a Russian Corporation that controls the activities of subsidiaries in various sectors of the economy, including: aircraft construction, retail trade, radio electronics, cloud technologies, mechanical engineering, additive technologies, artificial intelligence, software development, energy, high technologies, air monitoring, insurance, telecommunications, real estate. ADA aerospace, the controlling shareholder in most of its businesses, focuses its core competencies on improving the operational efficiency of the assets acquired through restructuring and attracting industry partners in order to strengthen expertise and reduce financial risks.

The main shareholder of «ADA Aerospace» is the Chairman of the Board of Directors - Milevsky A.V.

«ADA Aerospace» holding consists of the following subsidiaries:

  •  ADA  Aerospace



  • Aviation and Space
    •   ADA  UAV
  • High-Tech
    •   ADA  MOTORS
    •   ADA  PRINT
  • Information Technologies
    •   ADA  RRD
  • Cytology and genetics
    •   ADA  ENERGY
  • Other
    •   ADA  SOFT

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