02.04.2019  /   Kommersant№ 17 из 17

US offered to host the production of Kazan UAVs «TRIADA»

Moscow ADA Aerospace LLC (ADA Aerospace), whose aircraft design laboratory is located in Kazan, plans to open a plant with a staff of 1 000 people for the production of Triad convertible maps in New York State (USA).

02.04.2019  /   Interfax№ 16 из 17

Russian ADA Aerospace can place production of unmanned convertiplanes in the USA

The Russian company ADA Aerospace can build a plant in the United States for the production of unmanned convertoplanes, the press service of the company said.

02.04.2019  /   Business FM№ 15 из 17

Founder of ADA Aerospace: “We will not leave Russia, we will simply have manufacturing facilities in the United States”

Earlier in the Russian company producing drones, reported that the state of New York offered them about $ 200 million of investment, real estate and benefits for employees in the US

02.04.2019  /   Izvestia№ 14 из 17

Russian UAV manufacturer offered to move to the US

To the Russian company ADA Aerospace, the authorities of the American state of New York offered about $ 200 million for the transfer of production to the United States.

02.04.2019  /   RBK№ 13 из 17

A graduate of NSU and NSTU in the USA was offered $ 200 million for production

The Russian company promised $ 200 million investment, real estate and benefits for employees in exchange for the launch of production in the US

02.04.2019  /   RIA News№ 12 из 17

Russian UAV manufacturer offered to move to the US

The authorities of the American state of New York offered the Russian company ADA Aerospace about $ 200 million of investments, real estate and benefits for employees to manufacture its UAVs in the USA, the first agreements have already been signed, the company told RIA Novosti on Tuesday.

22.02.2019  /   ROY TV№ 11 из 17

«TRIADA»: the breakthrough of Russian unmanned convertoplanes

Report of Maxim and Peter Kalashnikov about the amazing drone-drones created in the company "ADA Aerospace". What can we do better than anyone else in the world thanks to the heritage and personnel from the USSR? How to develop the Russian high-tech industry?

06.03.2019  /   REGNUM№ 10 из 17

Cluster gambit of Russia and China will strengthen the competitiveness of countries

Over the past day, two unusual news came from China, which most recently got used to waiting for news about economic growth and independence: a compromise with the United States in the form of closing the “Made in China 2025” program - China’s most important tool for gaining global technological leadership due to the American side and recognition of the slowdown of the Chinese economy due to the trade war, said Alexander Milevsky, founder and chairman of the board of directors of the ADA Aerospace holding, to a REGNUM correspondent.

05.03.2019  /   Nezavisimaya gazeta (Independent newspaper)№ 9 из 17

China is preparing for hard times

China will face more serious risks and challenges this year than in the past. This was announced in Beijing by Premier of the People’s Republic of China Li Keqiang. China needs to prepare for a "tough fight" - including with a slowdown in economic growth. The Chinese intend to stimulate growth through the development of innovation and reduction of the tax burden. The authorities of the country also promise to encourage foreign investment in China, however, so far they do not specify how. The proposed measures are generally laudable, experts say, because a sharp slowdown in the Chinese economy will inevitably affect the demand for hydrocarbons, which cannot but affect the incomes of the Russian budget.

05.02.2019  /   RIA News№ 8 из 17

Russian Arctic drones convertaplanes interested military

TRIADA’s unique domestic drones-converters for work in the Arctic were interested in the Ministry of Defense of one of the states. The company said that the TRIADA drones are equipped with optical observation devices with a 50-fold increase, have a gyro-stabilized platform with a suspended camera and ultra-sensitive sensors.

04.02.2019  /   VESTI Sience№ 7 из 17

Russian drone with artificial intelligence will find a man in the forest in 20 minutes

The Russian company ADA Aerospace has developed a unique rescue drone to quickly search for people missing in the woods or in other natural landscapes. Thanks to flight qualities and advanced engine vision, the device is able to find a person in difficult terrain in 20–30 minutes.

23.01.2019  /   Komsomolskaya Pravda№ 6 из 17

Russian engineers built a drone that can fly in the snow and wind

Russian engineers presented their development - a new unmanned aerial vehicle that can travel up to 300 kilometers with a maximum load of 15 kilograms. The drone is not afraid of rain and snow, but it can also take off vertically in limited conditions, hang over a point and maneuver at low speeds.

23.01.2019  /   Izvestia№ 5 из 17

Take more, fly further: the new convertoplan can overcome 300 km.

Russian engineers have built a new unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), combining the advantages of two types of machines. In flight, the drone smoothly transforms from airplane mode to helicopter mode, in which it can fly vertically in limited conditions, hover over a point and maneuver at low speeds - such characteristics are not available for aircraft-type devices. The new drone is able to fly 300 km with a load of 15 kg, even with strong wind, rain or snowfall, which is inaccessible for helicopter UAVs.

09.01.2019  /   Zvezda№ 4 из 17

Both in the heat and in the cold: new Russian UAVs are adapted to work in the Arctic

In December, at the VIII International Forum “The Arctic: the Present and the Future”, the latest Russian unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), capable of conducting reconnaissance in conditions of extremely low temperatures, were first demonstrated. Today there is no one in the world. There was a presentation of another original drone - the TRIADA convertoplane. Developed by its designers private company ADA Aerospace.

07.12.2018  /   TV channel 360№ 3 из 17

The company ADA Aerospace presented a unique drone on the forum in St. Petersburg

Private aerospace company ADA Aerospace presented a unique drone that can shoot video in remote regions and take off from small platforms. The presentation of the unmanned aerial vehicle took place at the VIII International Forum "The Arctic: the Present and the Future", which was held from 5 to 7 December in St. Petersburg.

07.12.2018  /   Russia Today№ 2 из 17

In the air and under the ice: what drones for the development of the Arctic are created in Russia

In St. Petersburg, the Forum “The Arctic: the Present and the Future” ended, at which domestic enterprises presented a number of promising projects of unmanned systems capable of working effectively in the harsh conditions of the Arctic. Russia already has UAVs that can carry out missions in extreme climatic conditions. Leading research institutes are also developing unskilled underwater vehicles capable of conducting seismic exploration and drilling.

25.04.2018  /   TASS№ 1 из 17

Experts: first failures with flying drones will not affect the outflow of investors in this area

In April of this year, during a test launch in Buryatia, the drone crashed into a building destined for the "Russian Post" and fell. Alexander Milevsky, the founder of ADA Aerospace (the developer of his own UAVs and integrated solutions for them), told TASS that the most important thing for investors and developers is to eliminate the situations associated with the fall of the UAV.

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