ADA Aerospace is looking for new growth points and investment opportunities that are consistent with the following areas of cooperation:

- To expand its presence in new geographical markets, the company is focused on the search for large strategic investors, cooperation with which will allow rapid scaling of production and commercial activities;

- To expand its product line, the company is focused on the search for venture investors in certain areas of activity. For this purpose, separate accounting is maintained in the company structure and certain managerial autonomy is provided within the framework of a single investment and operational strategy.

We focus on securing return on investments from 30 to 50% per annum.

The company also aims to develop cooperation and partnership with leading international and Russian companies with the aim of sharing experience and expertise in various sectors of the economy and increasing the efficiency of investments.

Detailed information for investors and analysts can be specified at or by phone +7 495 142 00 84 (Investor Relations Department).

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